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Application Security Consulting


With an understanding that business is a fodder for finances, and not the other way round, we strive to protect your business incessantly against the malevolent coders and software professionals prying around the IT realm. We identify that even the minutest of glitches can lead to gaping loopholes, thus paving way for intrusion, application breaches and loss of data.


Our application experts offer unequalled suite of application security consulting, thus protecting your enterprise against any such threats and posing it for growth and betterment.


Security Spells Innovation

When it comes to data and app security, Radix Info Solutions does not take the mainstream approach. While we take into account the time-honoured and tried-and-true actions, we consistently give them a spin by injecting innovation and new-age implementation. If on one hand our offerings and applications are robust, on the other hand, they are characterized by an adequate flexibility to enable you to tailor them in-sync with the specific requirements and the new-fangled anti-hacking tools.


A Clear-Eyed Stratagem Backed by Commitment to Exactitude

The end result of every application security consultancy service is to link strategic growth with operational advancements. At Radix Info Solutions, we go one step beyond linking. We lay down the roadmap to achieving the perfect alignment between ‘what if’, ‘what is’ and ‘what will be’ vis-à-vis rationalization services, tool evaluation solutions, and security assessment studies.


It’s relatively simple to understand that information is handicapped unless there is a secure way to convert it into insight. Moreover, information in itself is a refined form of data.